Social Media and Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia


Think social media is just for fun and laughs? Think social media has nothing to do with us in wellness and Life Enrichment?

Think again…

Introducing: The Memory Kit.

In The Memory Kits own words:

“It’s the archive, photo album, campfire story, recipe book, art gallery, soundtrack and laugh-track of a friend or family member–created by and shared with all of the people who love them.”

Since January, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with an amazing team to create a Memory Care Program. We are a team that continues to explore and implement creative, innovative and ground-breaking modalities.  This summer we began piloting a social media tool called The Memory Kit. The Memory Kit is an amazing social media app that allows family members, friends, care givers, and staff to share, learn and connect to Residents via social media.

Our program, we’ll call it Daisy House, has their own private group just for the Daisy House community. The creators of The Memory Kit (inspired by their own family journey with Alzheimer’s and Dementia) introduced this pilot program at our monthly family meeting. The families were excited and receptive and have since been connected to the app.

The Memory Kit (TMK) has great social and emotional value.


  1. Connects families/friends of the Resident to the Resident.                                             Family and friends have an avenue to their loved one. Through pictures, quotes from the Resident or Care staff they see the resident participating in the Life Enrichment Program. This can provide much needed solace to family/friends knowing that the Program serves to provide a quality life to each and every Resident.
  2. Connects care staff to Resident.                                                                                               Staff can post pictures, quotes from resident or themselves to TMK. Staff can now think about the Resident in a different way…and in turn, think about their own role as care giver in a different way.
  3. Connects Families to care staff.                                                                                                  TMK allows family and friends to share memories, past interests, talents…serves to personalize the Resident. This provides care staff with additional (and personal) information to better connect with the Resident as well as serve them in the Program.

TMK is an amazing new tool! We wanted to share this gem with you.Go to or go to itunes and download the free app.

We’re so excited about this project and will continue to share our progress with our friends at Healthy Solutions.

We would love to hear from you. What new technology are you using in your Program?

Be & stay INSPIRED,

The Healthy Solutions Team

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