Reboot. Refresh. Repeat.

Here it is…a fresh New Year! The question always seems to be: What are you going to do in this New Year? What do you want to do better? What do you want to eliminate? The thing is….these questions always seem to circle around the spiritual/personal growth arenas. This is great…and don’t get me wrong…necessary…but those of you working in the health and wellness professions….how does the New Year growth movement work for you?

In some form or fashion my work has been connected to hospitals, residential care, therapeutic centers….and I’ve got to say that January 1 came and went many, MANY a year with no mention of reflection, reboot, and growth. In fact, I don’t ever remember celebrating the New Year!

Our health care organizations and communities need a Reboot. And I do mean a Reboot. How is it that organizations that care for people…don’t care about the people that do the caring?

Furthermore…what would it look like if organizations facilitated a January Reboot? How would you feel as a professional…as an individual…if your company or organization instituted a Reboot?

Ponder that…how would it FEEL…emotionally, spiritually, socially as a team…

I hear it now…..

No money.

No time.

No supplies.

No one motivated to do it.

No clue how to do it.


Sure, the best investment and way to start such a Reboot is hiring a Health and Wellness Coach. In one afternoon that person could get the party started!

If that isn’t a current option look to your Leader or Leaders in your organization (notice I didn’t say Administrator, didn’t say Director, didn’t say Manager)! Someone who has the ability to bring people together and to Inspire the team to Reboot. You have one in EVERY organization…they may be known by a different title, but they are there!

What would a Reboot look like? There can be a million ways to facilitate an organizational Reboot! Creativity is the name of the game here. And because Health Care organizations are not accustomed to such a Program…there are really no rules. Which can be great!


The Reboot I’m envisioning is one that includes all staff….everyone from every discipline. No one should be exempt from the opportunity to reset who they are and how they do things in the workplace!

Reboot areas can include:

  • Connection with warmth and a smile
  • Getting clearer on who your client is
  • Working smarter
  • Managing time
  • Working as a team
  • Communicating with staff in other disciplines
  • Trying a new approach

The list is truly endless!

And once again….what would an organization look like when every individual in every discipline/department is more conscious of how they do their job. Deeper yet….how would it make the individual feel knowing they are growing and improving?

Reboot. Everyone needs it…every organization needs it! If not now…how about a Fall Reboot?

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”




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