Here is the guaranteed way to foster Personal Freedom in your client:

1. Assess your client.

This is the key that unlocks the door. A proper assessment informs you of who your client was in the past and who he is now. A clear assessment allows you to plan for programs that will be “client-centered”. This means you can develop challenging, inspiring, and fulfilling activities that are appropriate for the clients functioning level.

2. Give your client choice whenever possible.

“We feel unbounded, independe, self-reliant” You can help your client reach this level whenever they have the opportunity to initiate their own choices. This can be choosing an activity, choosing how they will participate in that activity, or choosing to teach or share within that activity.

3. Honor the spirit of your client.

Look at your client through the lens of humanity. Honor the richness he brings to the table. All clients come to us with their own unique history and life experience. Explore that with your client…talk with them, ask them questions, have them educate YOU! Where appropriate use their life skills, and talents in your programs. Make it your goal to have them shine as much as possible! (just imagine what that would look like)

Now its your turn! We want to hear from you. Here’s a two-part question:

1. What can you do today to access YOUR Personal Freedom?

2. What are you currently doing to foster Personal Freedom for your client?

Leave your comments below.


Rebecca @ Healthy Solutions

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