Assertiveness: A Daily Practice

Makes no difference if you’re a Therapist, Activity Coordinator, Administrator, wife or friend…we all need to be assertive to continue having momentum in our life.

As a young Therapist, I led many assertiveness training groups for those in phych and substance abuse programs. I saw first hand just how importnat this communication skill was in having a healthy and happy life.

Many things I talk about in my work today as an Educator and Consultant (and mama of 3) require assertive communication.

What is assertive communication?

Asserertive communication is standing up for yourself in a way that does not trespass on the rights of others. Assertiveness respects your own rights and feelings…AND the rights and feeling of others.

What is a practice?

A practice is something that we perform regularly or repeatedly with the intention of growth.

How can we begin making Assertiveness a Daily Practice?

Every minute of every day is filled with opportunities to practice being assertive…. From blocking out your alone-time in the morning, to ordering your coffee, to the checkout line at the grocery store, dealing with your co-workers…the list goes on. There are several opportunities in a single day to make assertiveness a daily practice.

You can begin this practice once a day. You can implement your practice at home or at work (doesn’t matter…you just need to jumpstart your practice!) Once a day in your home or place of work..when you are faced with a choice to act…or not to act (or act aggressively) engage in your assertiveness practice!

SPEAK UP…..say “NO!” (kindly, of course)…..EXPRESS yourself! Give expression to your thoughts, feelings, your needs and desires.

Your assertiveness practice may make you feel uncomfortable, even awkward. That’s okay. DO IT ANYWAY! Commit yourself to this practice for 30 days and after 30 days assess your practice…

Ask yourself:

~Do I feel like I have more control over my day?

~Do I feel less stressed?

~Does my life have more space and opportunity to do what I love?

Today let’s begin this practice together…so when the real challenging things come up at home or the workplace we will have already exercised our “Assertiveness Muscles!”


Rebecca B. @ Healthy Solutions

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you! How are you going to jumpstart your Assertiveness Practice?

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