You Gotta have FREEDOM!

2015-12-13 03.22.43 - CopyThis July 4th we had cause to celebrate yet even MORE freedoms here in the United States. Wow! It really is a turning point for Americans…and for us as global citizens.

You and I are so fortunate to live in this land of freedom. So much so, that we tend to not think about it…often taking it for granted. What about the ULITIMATE FREEDOM, do you think about that?

The freedom I’m talking about is PERSONAL FREEDOM?

What is Personal Freedom?

Author and leading High Performance Coach, Brendon Burchard, talks about this in his bestseller Motivation Manifesto.

“That is ultimately what Personal Freedom is: liberty from the restrictions of social oppression and the tragic self-oppression that is fear.

Freed from these things, we have the ability to express who we truly are and pursue what we deeply desire without restrictions set by others or ourselves.

When experiencing Personal Freedom, we have a heightened sense of genuineness and joy in our being. We feel unbounded, independent, and self-reliant. There is a palpable authenticity and aliveness in how we relate to others and contribute to the world.”

Amazing! Thank you Brendon Burchard.

Personal Freedom is BIG STUFF! One might think that Personal Freedom is only for the young and very active. But…those of us in health and wellness know that this applies to ALL INDIVIDUALS…young, old, those with disabilities or limitations.

So the question is…HOW can we help our clients maximize their Personal Freedom?

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