Script it out!


Here we are getting close to our last week of our Communication theme for February. My coaching and education practice has been rich with communication opportunities this February. From coaching on how to communicate when pitching a proposal…to how to engage in an interview….to reaching the clients you serve…we hit it this month!

One technique I used a lot of this week is scripting. Scripting is such an important communication tool and one, if you put it into practice, will serve you well.

I first was introduced to scripting (known by a different name) when I was therapist working with young adults with mental illness. Two of the treatment groups I led as a therapist (which I loved dearly) were Social Skills and Assertiveness Training. One of the goals in these groups was to provide patients with new tools to make better decisions. We did this through scripting and role-play. It allowed the patients to problem solve, become exposed to more effective tools, and to physically practice via role-play. It was very powerful and often made a positive impact on how the patient looked at a certain situation and the ways they could respond in various situations.

Since that time I have used pieces of these tools when I teach classes and workshops, in my coaching practice and even at home with my children (awesome tool for kids)! The result: a more empowered and confident communication experience.

Let’s look at two specific example of ways scripting came into play this month.

  1. Scripting a Program Proposal:                                                                                                                           In an earlier blog I mentioned the Program changes happening in Health Care and the challenges these changes are bringing to companies and their staff. Currently, I’ve been working with a Life Enrichment Department who have been preparing a Proposal for an MCI Program in what was once a traditional Assisted Living community. Once the necessary components of the proposal were in place I met with the team to discuss how to propose this to their Executive Director.


  • Tailoring to the ED’s style: short, sweet and to the point.
  • What to include in the initial proposal (what benefit does it serve the company and the residents we serve)
  • Potential responses to questions he may ask (a good Coach will exhaust all questions).
  • Response to the potential “NO”.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication tools

A good script will address all avenues!

2. In the Activity Leader Training & Development Seminar we used scripting in a variety of ways:


  • How to have a meaningful interview experience.
  • How to interview a potential team-member.
  • How to tailor questions (open-ended or close-ended) in your group.
  • How to conduct a product in-service

There are so many opportunities for us to use Scripting and Role-Play.  As a coach and educator, these tools enable me to connect the dots for my clients and students.

It allows us to really get it into our bones. (thanks B.Brown)

Now, I want to hear from you! Let’s add more tools to the tool box! What tools do you use to be a better communicator?

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