So long Cookie-Cutter Activity Calendars….Hello Client-Centered Activity Programs!

Say bye, bye to the days of putting everyone and the kitchen sink in a room and throwing any old activity out there..hoping it sticks! Good riddance! Goodbye days of clients being packed in a room like sardines, looking at others heads and backs. Goodbye 5 clients sleeping, 4 clients walking out, 5 clients gazing out the window, and only 2 clients participating! Goodbye, adios, au revoir, ciao, auf wiedersehen!

As a consulant and coach it has been amazing to watch the changes that are happening in the world of geriatric care. The change in client demographics coupled with the competition for client dollars are changing the way those in Activity/Recreation Therapy departments provide services.

Currently there are two trends in geriatric care. One is Skilled Nursings’ push for more rehabilitation dollars (some SNF’s are half rehab clients). The second is the Assisted Living question mark. More and more we are witnessing Assisted Living communities being dismantled for Dementia tracked programs.

And I haven’t even put Baby-Boomers into the mix!

Bottom line: Activity Programs are no longer one-size fits all.

Like it or not we have been…ever so slowly..moving toward a more Therapeutic Paradigm. The tide is shifing to Programs that are designed to meet the functional needs of the clients! IMAGINE!

Those of you certified in our Activity Leader Training & Development Seminar are one step-ahead! Lucky dogs. You alread know this.

This is and will continue to be a major change for not only Activity Departments, but also the interdisciplinary team, communities, and companies. There will be those that will have a difficult time with this change. Some will change slowly, others will kick and scream having to change!

Change is hard. I get it.

But here is the good news, “CHANGE can also be AMAZING!”

A time for growth. A time for Inspiration. A time for Creativity.

As for me…I’m not much of a kicking, screaming kind of gal (well…maybe on the dance floor). Instead, my goal is to empower students and clients to meet these changes head-on. In fact, I want you to pave this road!

My team and I will continue to do what we do best…teach the therapeutic, client-centered paradigm in our Activity Leader Certification Seminar (aka Activity Director Certification) and continue to prepare and coach students and clients via workshops, trainings, and Consultation Services.

Together we can build a strong community of great hearts and minds and move forward with this change.

Together we can be this change.

Now it’s your turn. We want to hear from you. In the comments below what is the one thing you plan to do (or are doing) to move toward a more client-centered Program?


Rebecca B. @ Healthy Solutions

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