Four MUST-Haves for a Great Activity Leader (aka Activity Director)

Seeing as it is that time of year again to certify new Activity Leaders (aka Activity Directors), I thought it would be fitting to discuss what makes a Great Activity Leader.

Four Must-Haves for a Great Activity Leader:

  1. A Great Activity Leader knows her/his craft.

By this I mean she/he is educated in the field. Not from a class 20 years ago, or that teaches like we are in another era. Educated in a class that talks about the clients of today…and even more so, tomorrow. A class that prepares and inspires students to be the best professional they can be. This Great Activity Leader not only has a solid foundation of education and training, she/he continues that education and training and applies real world applications of new modalities and tools.

  1. A Great Activity Leader has energy.

I’m not talking about the bubbly…my heads in the clouds energy. A Great Activity Leader (aka Activity Director) knows that she/he is in CHARGE of her/his energy. The energy I’m talking about is something deep within: energy that says..”I’m bringing it today!” An energy that works from love of self, love of service. This energy is shows up in a brightness of spirit, with smiles, humor, and the ability to make others feel glad to be around her/him.

  1. A Great Activity Leader is Brave.

She/he shows up….even when, especially when things are hard. She/he will make herself/himself seen in the work place…and seen as an integral part of the team. She/he is an advocate and is not afraid to speak up for her service. Some might argue that this ingredient should be on the top of the list! (More to come on this subject)

  1. A Great Activity Leader actually Leads, not manages!

She/he makes motivating and inspiring her team, her business! A Great Activity Leader (aka Activity Director) knows her teams individual strengths and weaknesses; she/he plays upon those strengths to get the very best from her team. She/he creates an environment of on-going growth and development. A Great Activity Leader is invested in the success of her/his team. Check out our online course on this subject, Leadership, Communication & Team Building: A Smart Team Approach.

As short and as sweet as this Must-Have list is, it works!

It results in a team and a Program that’s smart, creative, and serves it’s clients with passion and heart!


Now I want to hear from you.

Go back and review this list. Which on the list are your strengths? Write them down and CAPITALIZE on these….let them Shine!

Which on the list may be your weakness? Write them down. Now what can you do TODAY, TOMORROW, by the end of the week to work on these and build them into strengths?

I can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say!


Hurry, time is running out!

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