FINALLY…A Planner with SOUL!


It’s hard to believe we are in at the tail end of our Fall season and quickly approaching the beginning of a new year! While some of you are getting your Holiday shopping done…I’m busy planning my 2017!!

I can hear you now, “Wow, she’s really uptight!”

Not really…more like….. I’M EXCITED!!! Excited for the potential that 2017 holds!

I’ve always been a goal-setting girl. I was the girl that spent New Year’s eve writing down her resolutions. My resolutions were a combination of things I needed to PURGE in the New Year and things I wanted to DO in the New Year.

My old goals looked something like this:


Get rid of:

Pretty straight forward…sometimes effective…often times not…and not exciting at all, right?

Certainly nothing motivating, inspirational, or soulful. 

Then I read Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions. This book and her work in general ignited my mind and soul. I began to look at my life differently…with a deep awareness of who I am and what I want to bring into the world.

I started exploring HOW I wanted to FEEL and then created my goals and my days, around that. Things began to shift.

But it wasn’t until a few years ago that my goal setting changed.

I started setting up my business and life to connect to these core desired feelings.

And so now, my goals look like this:

Core Desired Feelings

3 Things to get done this week

Fast forward a couple of years and we have the MOST amazing Planner ever to share with you. I can’t say enough great things about The Desire Map Planner Weekly Edition Planner 2017! Put it on your wish list NOW.

This is a must have!

I call it my soul planner/journal/ inspiration tool/affirmation-giving/gratitude-journal/ delicious piece of beauty!

Click on the 2017 Planner on the home page and check this baby out!

In the meantime, with all the madness that the holiday season brings…I hope you can find a sliver of time for you!

Get excited about 2017!

Excited about what YOU can bring into the world!

Excited about living a passionate and soulful life!


Now it’s your turn!

I have a two part question for you:

  1. What one thing are you going to let go of in 2017?
  2. What one thing are you going to do in 2017 that scares you out of your pants?

Leave your answer in the comment section below.


Rebecca @ Healthy Solutions

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