I have 3 ways you can Kick those Limiting Beliefs to the curb once and for all:

1. Become AWARE. Become aware of the times your LB’s are entering your head. This is the most important area you need to put in practice. What happens when those LB’s start talking to us? We feel RESISTANCE! This may be physically expressed by butterflies in your stomach, sweating, a raise in your heart rate, becoming red-faced, sweaty palms or even headaches. These are your CLUES. Pay attention to your body and listen. When you identify a Limiting Belief…STOP. Identify it by saying out loud, “Gotcha, you darn LB!”

2. Become POWERFUL. Remember you can meet all challenges with your POWER. A wise mentor once said, “Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE!” (Thank you Ms. Marie Forleo.) Yes, if you think about it…. everything is FIGUREOUTABLE! You might not have the skills or resources to figure out how to get that extra $300.oo for your new program, or how you’re going to justify the hire of another employee, or how you are going to create a “Resident-Centered” Program…but YOU CAN seek the aid of someone that can. You have the POWER to meet the challenges and the unchartered territory that lies ahead. You have to KNOW you have the POWER to tap into that POWER! (tweet, tweet)

3. Become an ACTION-TAKER. “Insight without action is useless” (author unknown). Here is where you give that one last hard kick to those LIMITING BELIEFS!


You move forward with your ACTION plan. You make that call for a new and effective coach and mentor, you have the meeting with the person that had success with her financial proposal, you take a class…And as you do this…..you gain momentum! And that momentum propels you forward with another ACTION! Before you know it you’ve actually kicked that LIMITING BELIEF to the curb….. and down the street!!

Today, do the work to shed those LB’s from your work and life!

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you. How are you going to kick your LB’s to the curb!

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